Friday, November 5, 2010

Knitting in instalments

Today is all about non-family deadline knitting, so it's good that I managed to fit in so much of the glasses case around the craziness of yesterday.

This is how far I got while waiting for Trish:

and this is what I knit in the car with Trish en route to my LYS of choice The Naked Sheep, which is closing, which breaks my heart, but filled my knitting cabinet with mementos to be revealed at a later time:

While taking this picture I noticed I'd forgotten to start adding in the white stripes I'm using to avoid needlefelting some details on at the end, so I had to frog back a bit, but then I forged ahead.

While I neglected supper:

After supper while neglecting to get ready for the party:

At the party, which - in spite of holding out on leaving the house before casting off - I managed to arrive at after a few people but before a few others:

In the end I wasn't sure about that diagonal stripe for my uncle, so I'm doing random horizontal ones for my aunt. Mostly what I'm doing here is hoping that felting makes the colour transitions a lot more subtle, but I guess you won't know whether that worked till Monday, heh heh heh.

(unless I don't manage to fit in time to knit the rest of the pink, in which case it will be ack ack ack.)

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Karen said...

Wait, hang on a tick: The Naked Sheep is closing? But I hadn't visited it yet! And it's on my list, and everything! **sulk**

On the up side, I love the glasses cases--can't wait to see them felted!