Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish list

While I spent the weekend fussing over SUSP - I will find out this morning whether I can move on to the last few steps or frog and repeat the last 10 hours of work plus 5 - the girls over at Knitting and Tea and Cookies were discussing their holiday knitting progress.

I want some holiday knitting progress!

So as I knit and watched movies yesterday (Our Miss Brooks, A Summer Place, Suspicion, High Society, and something else with Virginia Mayo and Ronald Reagan, plus another episode of Sherlock) I dreamed of my knitting wish list, as opposed to the sewing list, which is quite long enough.

I think I'd like to buy the pattern for the Mary Jane socks I mentioned and make a pair for my mum - can I do that and finish the other Christmas knit in just four weeks do you think? I mean, it's just feet - in some gorgeous Biscotte & Cie yarn from last winter's club, all blues and whites for that clean snow feeling.

and I want to knit (or sew with felted wool) some sort of fish for a boy in my extended family whose disabilities are so severe as to warrant the most pleasant shape and texture and colour. He likes marine life generally, so it doesn't have to be a fish. I've been hunting and I think really my favourite fishy things are over at cheezombie, the source of Scribbles and Zinzaabub. They were so cute and so fast, though I guess just sewing a fish would be faster, and I do have rather a lot of felted wool waiting to be used up.

and I'd like somehow to knit something for Carol, my trainer, who by virtue of being the correct size will be determining in a few short hours whether SUSP is going forward or back. I'm leaning toward a second pair of the MJ socks because I know she loves the yoga ones I made her and wears them around the house all the time.

and... oh, this is bad.

I want to knit myself a hat.

(I do get to be on my own gift list, right?)

* * * * *

Whoo hooooo! SUSP looks awesome on Carol! That brings me a lot closer to realizing my Christmas dream of exhausting myself over handmade gifts. And speaking of which, how fabulous is this pillow? I seriously need to think about a fish version.

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