Thursday, November 11, 2010

Knitting synonyms

Hope you don't come here just for the eye candy, because I have no pictures today. What I've made progress on, I can't show you, and what I can show you has no visible progress (and yes, I am talking about Clockwork, in spite of my having snuck it over beside me while movie-watching the other night when I was supposed to be working on something else.)

I do have a few photographable things I'd like to natter on about, but I didn't have any time to capture them in daylight yesterday, so they will keep. What won't keep is the Urgent Secret Project, or do I mean Secret Urgent Project so as to abbreviate it SUP?

I've been working hard on this even though there have been an unusually high number of distractions, and as I work, I can't help but think, and here are some things I've been thinking about:

Knitting is a lot like writing in all the ways I keep saying it is, except that where my writing submissions are practically always rejected, my knitting ones don't seem to be. I need to rethink my writer's training of constantly submitting ideas if I'm to have any time for recreational knitting, let alone spinning.

Yarn is a lot like clothes in a store at the start of a new season - there may be more clothes in there than 300 women could wear out in two years (except in the size and colour you actually wanted), but they will mostly all eventually find homes because People Love New Things. And with yarn, it's not just the New, but the Dream that goes with it - the idea that it will be used for something magnificent.

Yarn that doesn't get used is a little like a dream that's never realized, unless the dream is to have something beautiful and touchable to gaze at and sigh over and hold like a teddy bear, which in my view is a perfectly acceptable use for yarn, though perhaps not for 3 drawers full of yarn, at which point it is guilt-inducing in the way that only an unrealized dream can be. If it walks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck, etc.

The 'likes' produced questions:

Is it counterproductive to keep buying more yarn to pile up on the unrealized dreams, or smart because it keeps much-loved yarny professionals in business?

and on a more day-to-day plane,

Does knitting really keep people from snacking after supper? Because it sure doesn't work for me. Did help me create scientific proof that one can eat Double Stuf Oreos without getting chocolate cookie crumbs on one's work in progress, though.


heklica said...

Oh, you're funny! No sound, sensible answer here, of course :) But I do like the sound and promise of "Double Stuf Oreos" (we don't have Oreos here) :)))

Melissa D said...

LOL! I adore the cookie breaks in your writing, but alas I am too messy for chocolate anything near my yarn. Good for you though! :)