Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today is where la la la playtime meets Whoooooa work time, because the Super Secret Urgent project got itself ready to begin about ten minutes after I pulled together these colours:

They are all Patons Classic Wool, also known as the raw material for my aunt and uncle's Christmas stripey glasses cases. And since they are getting themselves ready to leave for a winter in Florida, and I am notoriously bad at getting to the post office on time if I miss their departure, the glasses cases are Super Urgent as well.

I have a social thing tonight - this is rare enough, but also I have been looking forward to it which is rarer - and I am going to need a nap today owing to the crabby factor and another round of Staying Up Late To Swatch, so today looks like it will be interesting.

Check back tomorrow for how far I got with the Patons (and if I don't post at 7am, it will be because I had to wait for another round of daylight to take pictures.)

Meanwhile, other crunchies:

If you are wishing you too could be part of the Vesper Sock Club, spots for new members are now open in the Fall/Winter installment. It is killing me but I have to miss this one owing to physiotherapy eating up all my yarn money (darned Achilles tendon, I wish I didn't need one so much.) Did I say killing me? Slow torture, that's what it is.

And it didn't help that yesterday when I was feeling hurty post-physio I put on a pair of socks made from club yarn and was vividly reminded of how exceptionally soft and happy all Julia's skeins are.

My one comfort is that I bought a spot in the Twisted Fiber Art fiber club before the physio started, but that is also slow torture at the moment because I have noticed there is a lot of activity in the Ravelry spoiler thread which exposes photos and hosts discussions of the current month's batch. And mine has not yet arrived.

Can't - look - Can't - look - away - GAH.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I am still on my self-imposed Yarn Buying Moratoirum- I resisted at SAFF (so so difficult) and I'm holding firm. So I haven't joined any clubs this year, which at least makes it okay for me to look at the spoiler pics... neener neener

Unknown said...

I just had to let you know I FINALLY found the Interweave Holiday Gifts issue. I was so excited. Now, I need your autograph!

Anonymous said...

Um, that spoiler activity's all my fault, I'm afraid. (Sorry)