Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rethinking the resolutions

Yesterday I noticed a new pattern had been uploaded at Ravelry from the Fall 2010 Biscotte & Cie club. And speaking of which, you might want to think about putting a spot in the starting-in-February club on your wish list (deadline: December 25) because you get an exclusive pattern with each skein of luxury yarn at the low price of $85.00 for three months.

I got distracted and missed the deadline to join the fall club this time which was awful, but I did kinda get to participate because that new pattern I mentioned was mine - I was lucky enough to be asked to design for November's yarn!

All of Louise's colours and yarns are beyond yum, but knitting with this one - merino with a hit of cashmere in the most lusciously spun heavier weight - was an experience I had to draw out as long as possible. We called it Strawberry Sundae for the stacked cables that looked a bit like iced cupcakes, or ice cream.

(The pattern is currently exclusive to club members, but at some point in 2011 I'll be selling it here as well.)

Noticing the new pattern made me look over my design page at Ravelry, which made me blink.

Do you know, there are 26 patterns up on that page? That's in just 2 years - less, technically, as I didn't start publishing any until late January of 2009. And it doesn't count the other 8 or 9 designs I finished and haven't done anything with yet. Not counting them, that's more than one pattern every month.

This made me dig a little deeper into Ravelry's records. What have I done so far in 2010?

I've spun I think 6 100g braids of fiber (that's 1 skein every 2 months, without actually knowing how to spin yet.)

I knit a cardigan for myself

plus 2 Big Projects on Small Needles that aren't for myself

and a baby cardi.

I knit 6 pairs of socks

and 3 pairs of mittens

and a couple of short scarves

and the samples for the shawl and hat that came out in Interweave Holiday Gifts in October.

Oh, and some hats I haven't photographed, and the Double Double Cloche I published earlier this month, and the redesign of the Confectionery Cap.

None of which includes the stuff I'll finish off before New Year's.

Looking at all that, and remembering yesterday's potential resolutions, I can't help thinking I can do whatever I want in 2011.

And also that in some cases it's much better to look back than to look to the future: that way, you see all that you have done, instead of what you think you can't do.


Kate Moore said...

you are so talented!!!!!!! love the winter hat!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to take up knitting, but i've got to wait to get all my stuff to get started. I'll be a frequent visitor to your blog :)

MissGracie said...

That pink is SO pretty. I haven't got anything crafty done because of school. I guess my New Year's resolution can be to finish more projects! I haven't even been able to practice knitting...