Thursday, November 25, 2010


Technically, as a Canadian, my Thanksgiving got celebrated weeks ago. But here at Hugs I can do pretty much anything, and even if I don't have turkey in my own oven today (though I will be poaching some chicken and roasting up a ton of veg) I am still having that Whew, Thanks! feeling.

Most of that is tied to SUSP being Done.


And drying, with only the pattern-writing left - and that, only polished. That is my job for today, the polishing. And a whole lot of cleaning and laundry that hasn't got done in a while for some I'm sure totally unrelated reason.

I took yesterday off and that is another thanks - getting to have one in the first place, and having a little recreational knitting to turn to in the evening:

Yes, I didn't forget Clockwork. And you know what - I did the counting and by virtue of my having designated it my travel knitting when I had a couple of can't-miss meetings to attend, there are really only 6 stripes to go. Each takes maybe a little over an hour now, even factoring in the extra stitches every fourth row, and then there is a base colour border. Say 8 or 9 hours max. And then I can wear it!

Which is another big Thanks, because if I didn't have a clean pair of mohair blend handknit boot socks waiting to get onto my feet it would be the season's first Winter Boot day. Temperatures below freezing with the wind chill, and rain probably, and grey grey grey. Feeling a lot of thanks for the Sailors let me tell you.

Another big thanks goes out to the four patterns I dreamed up right before SUSP hit, and swatched out, and then did nothing with - specifically, to the fact that I was able to write and chart them pretty much in their entirety in about two hours yesterday. I guess a lot more was going on in my subconscious than I realized, all that time I was knitting.

And most of all, thanks to the life I have that allows me to knit almost as much as I like, with such special yarns, among such wonderful people.

I hope your Thanks list is just as satisfying!

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heklica said...

That clockwork looks gorgeous! Seriously!