Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Socks for Mary Jane(s)

While I was pillaging over at The Naked Sheep with Trish a couple of weeks ago, I resisted a pattern kit for a pair of sockettes (possibly the linked pattern, possibly just one a lot like it) perfectly proportioned for summer use with a pair of Mary Janes.

See: lonely MJs pictured above. The sockette came just far enough up the top of the foot to cushion the strap, and then ended in ribbing - super fast to make, probably, and also short on yarn consumption. Yum!

Why I resisted is beyond me unless I was struck suddenly by a moment of ill-advised fiscal responsibility. Don't you hate that? There should be a rule that it is always sensible to Not Spend, or to Spend. Instead it's always the clothes I'm meh about and think I shouldn't bother buying that I end up wearing constantly, assuming I give in. Fortunately the ensuing self-satisfaction tends to wash away the guilt from same.

The sockette idea has stayed with me partly because they looked so cute inside the shoes pictured on the kit, and mostly because last summer, right after finally getting my license, I noticed I really don't feel safe driving in open sandals.

Which meant wool socks and Mary Janes in every heatwave until I found a great pair of closed sneakerish shoes I can wear without socks for hours of hard walking without a single blister.

Which led to a whole lotta Hurrah! until the day I walked through dog leavings in them.

(which in turn led to a lot more Hurrah! for having just been to a water park to which I had brought a pair of flip flops into which I was able to change. Quickly.)

Long story short: my options now are to drag the sneakerish things out of their bag in the garage and clean them thoroughly, or knit a few pairs of footlets with, oh, I don't know, any of this?

I'm leaning toward the knitting.

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