Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best day ever

Thanks to a lot of racing around and compressing (or elimination) of alternative activities such as cleaning house, I got time to knit yesterday.

At home.  On the sofa.

Watching movies (Jane Eyre, Caine Mutiny) and documentaries (Himalayas, Twins.)

Part of the time I had tea and luscious chocolate cookies on the table beside me, and all of the time I had a blankie and a heating pad tucked comfortably over me. 

It was heaven.  I mean, seriously - how long is it since I've done that?  Six weeks maybe?  That is just not healthy.

Aside: the clothes in Jane Eyre are so Whoa.  Even the simple dresses are stunning!  I remember when the movie came out people were going berserko over the shawl she wore in it, and seeing it in motion I know why.   Carol Sunday designed a cute version of that shawl - love her stuff - and Melody Maria Fulone designed a pair of pretty lace mitts similar to the ones Jane wears in some other scenes (but you have to crochet for those.)

And now for what I know you really want to see (not):

Yes! Cue the pooling!  Well, it's not too bad really - just around the ankle where the stitch count goes a little crazypants, and then back to striping, which is a nice surprise since half the stitches are not being manipulated by the pattern any more.

The pooling on the other side of the sock is also striking:

I loved yesterday so much I want to do it again today with either TCM or the last two Harry Potters for company, even though I really do need to clean at least some of the house before nightfall.  I don't know what I'd do without houseguests really - not much else motivates me to take time for the vacuum, you know? 

So let's cue the suspense: how far can I get on the Zombies before it's too dark outside to take a picture?  Will they catch up to the Monets?  Will I be unexpectedly called away and made to finish the second Monet in a car or bus before the Zombies can gain ground?

Oh dear, I don't know whether I'm up to all this excitement...

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