Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Composition counts

Look, isn't this a beautiful alpaca sock?

(just nod and smile; I know it looks freakish with the skinny leg and massive foot.)

It's so soft and lovely.  And too short in the leg, but I can live with that. 

Didn't I do a wonderful job grafting the toe and running in all the ends to prove how easily I can live with that?  I didn't even try the sock on first, I was so sure.  I just followed my notes for the way I always knit socks of this weight and did the foot and then the toe and Bam! went for the finishing.


The foot is too short.  My other alpaca socks aren't too short - but they have merino heels and toes, which have give.  Alpaca and nylon, not so much.  I keep putting on the sock and walking around in it thinking I can learn to live with the short foot - really it's only a matter of a round or two that needs to be added - but why?  and also, the leg is SO MUCH too short.

Gah.  I'd rip it back to the start of the toe and revise just to get past the sad, but I don't have any needles to put it on, the relevant ones being otherwise occupied:

Know what?  I think I might make this sock the right length in the leg and the foot, and rip the other one right back past the heel flap.  It's not like they're not fast to do. 

(Or like I have anything else I should be doing.)

(and yes, that was sarcasm. the complicated lace socks are looking pretty good today: not sarcasm.)

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