Monday, February 20, 2012

I can't believe it

I finished both pairs of socks yesterday before lunch:

And I simply can't believe which ones were done first.

I cast on for both on the very same day, and knit one pair - the ones with fewer stitches, a shorter leg, and the most mindless pattern - while I was out of the house while the other pair stayed in and got worked on only while I was on the sofa.  This at a time when I was out of the house a lot and busy with my sewing machine whenever I wasn't.

And yet:

The Zombies got done first.

This is Lorna's Laces Solemate yarn, in a short-run Zombie BBQ colourway I bought at Soak's online shop with a jar of Heel cream.  The yarn has a technologically advanced fiber in it that is very slick and smooth - quick to knit (evidently) and frankly not as warm for the very very cold yesterday as the wool/mohair blend I used for the Monets, especially with lace in the stitch.


But they will be fabulous spring/fall socks and I have already cast on another pair in my usual Vesper yarn so as to finalize the pattern which is, I think, another great solution to the Mindless/Interesting/Well-Fitting problem I so often face with socks.

This yarn does have a regular variegation - just four colours, each a couple of inches long - so I did get pooling around the gusset, which it turns out I don't mind after all.  (that is some powerful stitch to break up such strong pooling, don't you think?) The Vespers have more colours in them so it shouldn't be an issue.  I'm going to try it in stripes too, as soon as I can find some spare needles.

Maybe I should finish the cabled lace socks I started in October and free up those ones?

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I love the Zombie Socks! And the pooling looks just fine. If you want to give short-row heels a try, you won't get any pooling at all (or at least no pooling because the stitch number changes for the gusset).