Friday, February 24, 2012

Luxury on the edge

All week I've been sick and unable to knit much, but what I have knit is this unbelievably soft and warm sock:

We'll just overlook the regrettable relationship between the colours and my condition and call them 'spring meadow', shall we?

I'm sorry I can't show in a photograph how incredibly soft and luscious the fabric is.  Perhaps we can make do with a closeup that reveals a little halo?

I'm going to compare it to holding the softest, cuddliest bunny ever, even though the yarn is actually mostly alpaca with a little nylon to keep it from shredding entirely underfoot.  Alpaca is not known for its stamina under abrasive stress.

In fact this is why, when I knit my only other skein of this yarn, I used a contrasting merino for the heel and toe.  I just didn't have anything to use that was a nice colour match for these and I felt too rotten to get off the sofa for a compromise when I got to the heel flap, so I just kept going.  What can I say, I'm a daredevil.

(a daredevil who will be guarding the remains of this yarn for future darning, which will probably be needed, though the previous pair of socks have been holding up extremely well even where the merino is not.)

(oh, and also: a daredevil who did not yet have pneumonia at the time of her doctor's visit.  just something yucky that required antibiotics.  apparently I will start to feel better sometime tomorrow so I plan to spend today sleeping and hopefully getting close to the start of the second sock.)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend - see you Monday!

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