Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pining for twining

The other day my first shipment arrived from the Stoddart Family Farm wool share:

(1 skein shipped flat: brilliant!)

And of course, now all I can think about is finally twining a pair of mittens.  This yarn is the very warmest of the hardy yarns I've tried, and you won't believe how perfectly this colour goes with the Monet sock yarn - of which there seems to be rather a lot left over.

I wonder where I left my notes from the twined mitten class?


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Mary, this video by Stella helped me learn twined knitting. If you like it, be sure to search youtube for more because she does have multiple. I love twined knitting!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

sigh...I just checked your "finally twining a pair of mittens" and discovered you already know Stella! Hope you find your notes! vbg