Thursday, February 23, 2012

Speaking too soon

Remember yesterday I was saying it was time to jettison some stash yarn and felted wool I may never get around to using?

(toldyaso alert: Kathi Taylor always tells me that the minute you do this, you find something you wish you had it for.  Which happened the first two times I did it even though she'd told me that, and which is why I only thought about jettisoning.)

Okay, so check out the sweater from yesterday's SouleMama post, a short sleeved high necked thing with just a row or two of contrasting yarn at the edges (so striking).  I used to look at these designs and think, Why? But not yesterday, not right after dipping the ample sleeve of my house sweater into the murky water sloshing around in a pan I was cleaning.  It's the same principle as a down vest except that it can be shapely and: it doesn't have to be soft.  Making it a perfect project for slightly scratchy yarn that's just a wee bit short of a sweater's worth. 

Hello, yarn in the filing cabinet drawers.

And tell me you don't see the two garbage bags' worth of felted sweater bits in these slippers from Carole Atkinson Textiles (a site at which I could spend a LOT of time and probably will.)  They were featured in the February 2012 issue of Country Homes and Interiors, a British magazine I treat myself to whenever I can get a copy, and which I was reading over supper.  That's so antisocial isn't it, reading over supper?  But everybody I have supper with does it too so if you didn't, you'd be really left out.

Of course I can't do anything about these enticing new ideas because I am SICK.  Again. 

Or maybe I mean still - it's  hard to say because I started with 'a cold' in mid January and got better for a day and a half before getting 'a cold with a cough' and then on the weekend when I was again better but for the cough I got 'flu' which hasn't gone away yet such that I am beginning to smell a rat.  Time to call my doctor, because I've had pneumonia before and two of my friends have it this winter, and you soooo don't want to let that go unnoticed.  At least one can knit in the waiting room, if one has the energy, and let's hope I do.

Either way, have a lovely day today and tomorrow I'll show you what I've been chipping away at all week!

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