Monday, February 13, 2012

The great sock race

The last time we looked at what I was knitting, I was pointing out how much more I seem to be knitting out than in, judging by my experiment in socks (Monets for transit, Zombies for the couch at home.)

Well, here is my tally from the last five or so days:

That's the Monets.  The incomplete sock is the product of about four days of being out on buses and sitting in waiting rooms or other people's cars.  I have to think that's a sad testament of how much time I've been doing those things, though of course I'm happy to have turned that time to some use.

And here we have the Zombies, measuring how much time I've had on the sofa this past week:

Couldn't you just cry?  Well, probably you couldn't, but I could... good heavens, I'm not even finished the gusset of the first sock.  This is partly because I accidentally knit an extra inch or so on the leg before I noticed, but mainly because

a/ I have not spent much time on the sofa; and

b/ Even when I was on the sofa, I was so exhausted I could not always even pick up my needles.

Seriously.  And when on earth does that ever happen?

There's still hope though.  I haven't started the foot of the second Monets yet, and my current sewing projects are done, and the laundry is totally caught up, and I'm more in than out this week.  Let's just hope I don't suddenly get to feeling that the world will end if I don't vaccuum, okay?

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