Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My secret holiday

I forgot to photograph my most new-ish project yesterday so this morning I will tell you instead the little secret I have this week:

I am taking a holiday.

Shhhh! don't tell!  but feel free to try it too, if you can.

And don't wait for motivation like mine if you can help it: it's this darned cough, which gets worse - even though I am in every other way better - if I do stuff.  So instead of canceling things at the last minute or just going anyway and hoping to get through, I decided to give myself a psychological lift and canceled all my appointments for the week.

It feels like a total sneak, but I know it was the right call because I do actually find myself thinking in the middle of the day Oh! I - yep, really need to sit down.  And then I'm ready for bed by about 7pm.  I think of myself always as a lazy girl but even so, I can't help suspecting I am still sick.

I have given myself another mental break too - I'm not starting anything new (the newish project I mentioned was from the weekend, before I gave myself the holiday, so it doesn't count.) 

I'm rereading old books at bedtime because I know I won't fight sleep to turn the page, and I'm taking little forays into schemes that were already underway, like cutting the felted wool sweaters I took out of my yarn stash cupboard and actually cutting some of them into quilt-friendly squares.  That way I still get to be crafty but I'm sort of cleaning up, too.

In fact my desk is delightfully free of scraps of idea-strewn paper right now.  It's so restful.  Even though my mind is seething with ideas to work through later when I have the energy for them.

Highlights of the secret holiday so far

Watching the stack of felted wool squares piling up with really minimal effort (thank you, rotary cutting tools)

Visiting Pinterest to log my ideas for Christmas 2012 so I don't have to go through another last-minute KnitFrenzy (unless I feel like it, of course)

Sitting calmly at a clear table to knit even a few stitches

Listening to Martin Clifton reading me Queen Lucia while I work through the lace socks (thank you mom, for the reminder!)

Drinking the entire pot of really good Assam tea every morning

Looking at my totally tidy sewing shelf as I pass its closet and feeling glad to be able to get at the tools I want whenever I want without shifting three boxes or visiting four places

Happy sighs

The plan for today

More tea, more Martin Clifton, more lace socks.  I should book a haircut - I haven't had time for one since November - and I should shop for some cropped or roll-up-able pants for spring (gotta show off all the socks) but... really?  It's cold out, and I think a little nap is much nicer, don't you?

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mom said...

Glad to know that my suggestion is helping you. (-;~ Hope that you feel better soon!!!