Friday, February 17, 2012

Too close to call

Guys, it's back to neck and neck on the sock wars here.  I did a lot of sofa time yesterday:

(and they match, in spite of my having made a couple of errors in the first sock's spacing and then losing my notes.)

After supper I got the second sock onto the gusset, which means there are maybe four hours left in it.

Last night though I had to be out, which meant switching to the Monets, and then I didn't do anything with them anyway, which turned out to be lucky.  Why: when I picked them up today en route to the Auto Show, I did a stitch count and realized I somehow have three more stitches than I should and have had for some time.  So I really need to rip back to the gusset on that one and decrease properly.

Realistically, I am probably looking at having two pairs of socks finished by Sunday night (which would be great since even I am getting sick at looking at the same two projects every day) but I have no idea which ones will cross the finish line first.

Tell you Monday.  Meanwhile, have a great weekend!


Jan HP said...

I LOVE these socks Mary! What is the pattern?

Mary Keenan said...

It's a new one I've been working out Jan - I'm going to test them next on a variegated yarn with way more than four colours and see how that looks!