Friday, March 2, 2012

Beginning my descent

And... it's Friday.  Bump.  End of the little holiday, beginning of the not-so-slowly filling schedule.  Wanh! I want to stop that happening but the truth is I can't justify more lazy time - I'm feeling much better and much less sleepy.

Even the cough is wandering off to find something else to do.

Proof I am mending:  yesterday when I was pouring some tea to help chase it there was a huge THUNK at the door and I knew a Very Important Parcel had arrived.  Much of the rest of the day was spent washing and drying and ironing what was inside and not even thinking about being tired or needing to sit down.

Of course sandwiching all that, I worked on the lace socks.

They are coming slowly.

I decided to go on with the front lace panel on the foot, as written - it takes longer, and because I need a cable hook to do it, it doesn't feel portable at all... but it's so pretty.  And, annoyingly, when I tried the longer of the two socks on last night I found it fits really well - it hugs flatteringly without being at all tight.

(I say annoyingly because I want to be mad at the socks for requiring so much of my attention, but I'm finding a rhythm with them finally and I think I like how they're forcing me to slow down, right to the tips of my fingers.  Dagnabbit.  Also: did I say 'pretty'?  they are pretty.) 

And now it's time to get on with this last day of my holiday.  Shall I knit some more, or get a start on this year's taxes?  Ugh.  Maybe a little of both.  Sometimes I think that's the most important function of knitting - balancing out the yuck.

Have a lovely weekend my friends, all out of balance with minimal yuck and maximum making!

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