Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter shawl? What Easter shawl?

I didn't realize that Easter is about 10 days away.  How did it manage to sneak up on me again?  And I still haven't made a start on any of the cute things I was thinking of.  But I have pulled my new shawl onto my lap to try to finish in time.  You know,  now that the warm room is cleared up enough to let me put the blocking mats back out.

That little grey stripe at the end took about two and a half hours to do.  I think it's all of six rows, which should give you a clue how many stitches are on the needle now.

A lot. 

My regret at not using cast-on advised right there in black and white in the pattern (too lazy to learn something new, how foolish of me) continues.

It's suuuuper rolly-overy, isn't it.  Might have to make that a design feature, yes?

Yesterday's Discoveries

- still love the Viola yarn

- kicking myself for still not having finished the first pair of summer sockette things before it gets hot again

- no matter how much I think I sit around and knit all day, I don't seem to actually knit during the day and I would like to know what is up with that?

- it is possible and even recommended to knit lace through such action film as "Under Siege"

- I may have no self-control when it comes to shopping, but I can draw the line at having more than three cookies baked for somebody else, go me!

- I have enough self-control when it comes to shopping not to buy safety pins just like the kind Elizabeth Zimmerman loved, if the shipping is going to be $28-30

- well, I did yesterday anyway; who knows what will happen tonight because hello, I love these ones too

- really it's this pattern that would kill the shipping budget, which doesn't make me want it less, isn't that annoying?

- LOOMS.  Lots of discoveries about Looms.  Sorry Kathi, I'll try not to say more.  (yet.)

Preview of Today's Discoveries

- Thinking of sewing new curtains?  Far from a fabric store and watching your budget?  Check out your local discount housewares store for tablecloths. 

- Wondering why I might go out and buy 11 giant tablecloths to remake into curtains?  Stay tuned.

- Heh.


susan said...

I am not actually sure where you are, but assume it is earth. These are not exactly the same (perhaps better?) and the postage seems cheaper. Perhaps :)

Mary Keenan said...

They are the same, and that is another site I could get lost in for hours, so - yum! I have also now discovered you can get both kinds of pins on eBay from the US, which is closer shipping-wise to me here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively, you can tell me what you want and I can reship for you.

Which would be my pleasure (and I bet some would work their way into my possession at the same time).

You do get an enabler award though. I'm already awash in japanese tape, thanks to you.

Mary Keenan said...

Heh - I was thinking about that (reshipping I mean) and also about my cousin-in-England who comes home every fall and who might be persuaded to carry a pattern tube with her. Maybe. Enabling is such a terrible quality, isn't it? but I bet you're having fun with that tape ;^)