Friday, March 9, 2012

Debate Topic: Socks - better than Sweaters?

Yesterday I ran into Trish for about two minutes, long enough for this exchange:

Me: I finished the socks!

Trish: The lace socks???

Me: Yesssss!

Trish: I just started knitting my first socks and I keep asking myself how can Mary stand this?  Sweaters are so much better!

Me: Never mind knitting the socks.  When you're wearing the socks, you'll know.

(from which you can assume that, omigosh! all that stick-to-it-iveness paid off, and I did in fact finish the lace socks! but haven't been able to take pictures yet.)

When I got home and investigated my Ravelry Page of Unfinished Business to see what to clear up next, another good reason struck me for why, in my opinion and at this time, Socks are waaaaay better than Sweaters.

Advantage Sock

1/ You don't need to worry about feet changing sizes much once you've grown to adulthood (unless you're expecting and your feet grow and never quite go back, but even then: you can just reknit the toe.)

2/ Feet being feet, you don't have to worry too much about flattering their appearance.  No social pressure whatsoever to lengthen or slim or enhance or bring colour to your face.

3/ While handknit sweaters feel strikingly similar to their storebought counterparts, handknit socks feel FABULOUS.  and not at all like storebought socks.

What's your position on this very important question?

(and in case you're wondering: yes, it turns out I have knit the majority of my Deco sweater in a size about 3" too narrow for the stress-eating and injury-related exercise restrictions of the last eight months.  GAH.) 

(fortunately it seems also that I had been making the Sock Sweater 4" too wide, so instead of 'fixing' it with sudden pleats at the yoke, I can just proceed.  hello, weekend.)

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Trish said...

I'm now about 4" into the first sock, and still can't believe you'd rather knit socks! I can't believe that once I finish this never-ending thing, I have to go and make another one the exact same! Argh! Where's my sweater project?