Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cold feet

After I wrote yesterday's post feeling all happy skippy jumpy about Easter Socks, I printed out the pattern and looked at it.  Yikes!

Afterthought heel with decorative stitches, stitches in the lace I've never heard of before, so many stitches generally: I am scared.

Test Questions:

1. Do I really have the skill to knit such socks?

2. Do I care if I don't?

3. Will I knit them anyway?

4. Will I have them done for Easter this year if I try?

Answer Sheet:
1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes
4. Not A Chance

In other sock-related news you will be sure to want to hear, it's unbelievably cold in my neck of the woods again.  I tried wearing my new Zombie socks but really: the Solemate yarn from Lorna's Laces, while feeling great, is definitely for hot-weather accessories.  I wore my last clean pair of wool/mohair blend socks yesterday and today's alpaca ones are not cutting it either.  Warm socks are worth everything in winter, but washing socks so as to have warm ones is worth even more.

Segue-ing to the subject of cold, I have one again.  Yes!  Ridiculous!  I went to the trainer yesterday after two weeks off, down to merely an intermittent cough, and didn't do anything terribly strenuous, but within a couple of hours of returning home I started to feel that suspicious tingling in my sinuses and this morning I feel like my head's in a vice and have had to break out the tissues with lotion.  I am surrounded by glasses of orange juice for some reason (too lazy to come back to get my glass when I find myself in the kitchen without any, I guess) and have cancelled everything again so as to nip this one in the bud, though it appears I am well past the 'bud' stage.

Further to that: I am wearing a shawl to emphasize to myself that I Am Sick and to keep from getting sicker (see cold temperature, above.)   Which is making me think Dagnabbit, I don't wear shawls a lot and I definitely don't need another triangle one, but I sure would like a crescent shape.  So maybe I will be irresponsible and cast one on today... I've been pining for Rose Beck's Sugared Violets for what feels like Ever.

Test Question #4: No way can I get such complex socks done for Easter at the rate I keep falling ill - we're talking Fall, at best.  Should I change up the colours?  I have so many other great shades of the same yarn - brown, deep pink, red, denim blue, and now lavender and grass-green stripes with white.  Maybe the lavender and brown?  Pink and denim blue?  So many possibilities...

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