Monday, March 5, 2012

Target knitting: Easter

I forgot to show you the March yarn for this spring's Biscotte club:

Does this cry out to be part of an Easter ensemble, or what?


And also, the pattern that came with is the CUTEST pair of socks, which is convenient because looking back over my last dozen projects or so it seems I am still mad for socks. 

There are two distinct colours - this isn't self-striping yarn.

The pattern appears not to be online anywhere yet but I can (or at any rate will) tell you that the purple comes first for cuff, heel, and toe, and it's knit in an extremely cool design the like of which I have not tried before. The green-white stripe fills in the rest of the gaps and features a lace pattern I may or may not want to incorporate because I may or may not be lace-averse by the time I finally finish my purple lace socks.  'May not' applies even though it takes forever to knit and I am not a girl who likes to take forever to knit, because the lace is so darned gorgeous.

(and no, I don't have a picture to illustrate the gorgeousness here.  that is because the farthest-along sock is so embarrassingly not far beyond where it was the last time I took a picture of it.)

Irony Alert: this new pattern ('Una', for formality purposes) turns out to be another genius inspiration by Rachel Coopey, who designed the aforementioned lace socks. 

Now the trick is going to be getting the lace socks done so I can start the Easter socks and get them done in time.  Good thing the Easter ones are ankle-y rather than mid-calf length...

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