Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mental knitting

Even with a small swimming pool lodged in my head there is room in my brain for knit design, apparently.  For many of this morning's wee hours, while endeavoring to breathe through my nose (success: limited) I worked on a hat.  A solid, textured version, and then a striped version.  It just would not let go.

If I knit it, it will probably be a really ugly hat that nobody, even me, would ever wear.  But there it is, I'm attached now - unless it flushes out with the swimming pool.  If I recover enough from this cold to have use of my fingers, I might have to have a go at it.

(really I blame the tissue box, the predominantly green-with-blue design of which set me off thinking of colours and stripes... inspiration: it's everywhere, and especially when one is supposed to be doing something else.  like for example SLEEPING.)

And now if you will excuse me, I have to get on with my exciting day of drinking tons of fluids because I just gotta get rid of this cold!

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