Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cheery news for a snuffly day

Even the days you spend with your nose buried in a tissue box have their bright spots: the new Knitty is out, and some exceptionally cool socks in it were designed by Louise of Biscotte et Cie!

I was so excited to see the spiral knitting technique she used for her club hat pattern applied to socks - you can't imagine how much fun it is to knit in a spiral like that, or how addictive. I bet the socks knit up fast.

The other excitement was that Carousel is written for Louise's Felix sock yarn.  You may be thinking that sock yarn is sock yarn, and if you look over at Ravelry you'll see many pairs of the Carousel socks are already in progress using other kinds of it, but I've knit with a ton of Felix and I really love it.  I'm kind of a nylon snob - I vastly prefer natural fibers - and I gladly break my rule for Felix because it's so darned soft and lovely to work with and even more soft and lovely to wear.  

Fly in the ointment: I seem to be all out of Felix self-striping.  Still, I think the socks could look pretty awesome in a semisolid too, or I could order more from Louise's online shop.  It's not like I'm not stopping to touch freshly-knit Felix every day at the moment (the lace socks are still very much in progress) and reminding myself I should do that.

* * * * *

Looking over the other great patterns in this issue I noticed another very fine looking sock pattern.  By which I mean Phloem, because of course there are several fine looking sock patterns in Knitty.  And guess who designed them?

Yep, Rachel Coopey.  Making it the third pattern of hers I've longed for this week alone.  Seriously you guys, this woman knows from lace - you should definitely get these socks in your queue. 

(and possibly also buy stock in some tissue-manufacturing firms, because my cold is STILL not on its way out.  more lying-down-knitting time for me!)

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