Monday, March 12, 2012

A fresh start from a good finish

You know that liberating feeling you get - the one when you finish a project you thought would never, ever end?  Or... maybe just when you toss it out the window and move on with your life?  Or... maybe more when you finish because then you get to enjoy it?

(maybe I mean, finish it well, because if it comes out lousy you're probably not enjoying it.)

I finished the lace socks.

Bellatrix Lestrange, by Rachel Coopey, for the Biscotte et Cie Club, October 2011.  Yarn: hand-dyed semisolid superluscious Felix, from Biscotte.

They are fabulous.  They feel great and fit perfectly and even though I am painfully aware that nobody else can see how much intricate lace there is in almost every row, I can tell myself that I see it.  These socks have given me a new appreciation for doing intricate work that takes time instead of just racing through something that looks complex but isn't, which is my normal default mode.

(I might substitute 'perfectly sane' for 'default'.  Maybe when I'm retired and living on a deserted island that somehow comes equipped with self-maintaining food supplies and shelter I will be able to do intricate work all the time, but right now... it's a little crazy.)

And now that they are done


I feel so free!  I felt free all weekend as I totally overhauled Hugs, and I feel totally free today as I plot up all sorts of new features to add to the site.   It's spring for my yard and spring for me too.  Fresh starts for all!

(oh, and maybe some chocolate.  You in?)


Melissa D said...

Love the remodel and yes, chocolate! Lovely lace socks, btw! :)

mom said...

Both the socks and the site look beautiful!! And, yes, I'm in for the chocolate!!! (-;~

Kathleen Taylor said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!!!