Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tips and Techniques - Index

I've written quite a few posts at least a few of us might want to refer back to after the fact, and this is the page where you can do that.  At the top are the links for General and Self-Help posts; scroll down for Knitting, Spinning, Weaving, other craft-related tips, and links to other useful sites.


April 2014 miniseries, movie, and audiobook suggestions
Organic Cosmetics - reviews and recommendations
Healthy handspinning
Fitness for knitters
Weight loss for knitters


Cognitive behaviour therapy for fear of flying
Face the fear and win back your life
Fix the problem, not the symptom
Haste makes waste, so take your time
Less is more
Looking forward: how and why to do it
The right way to spread yourself thin 


bias - how to counteract it in yarn that has issues
cabling without cable needles - why? and a link
casting on two things with matching stripes
casting on with just enough yarn - a link
charted knitting - links to help you write your own charts
circular knitting on straight needles
Fair Isle advice
gauge swatching - why? and how 
gauge swatching - how far to go
horizontal knitting
increasing stitches
increasing stitches - when not to use nearly invisible versions
measurements - making your knit's match your body's
slipped stitches - various applications
slipped stitches - for a neat fold
steeking (cutting into your finished knits, on purpose!) 
stocking stitch - advantages thereof
tangles in your yarn - how to escape them
three-needle bindoff - a link
twined knitting
waste yarn - using it in aid of afterthought parts
winding a skein into a ball without a swift 
winding a skein into a ball without a swift, sitting down 
yardage - calculating with kitchen scales
yardage - calculating without kitchen scales
yarn substitution


blending fleece without carding
smooth hands to reduce fiber-snagging
spinning cables (as opposed to plying)
step-by-step spinning tips


Choosing your first loom
Troubleshooting, for the beginning weaver


double pointed needles - how to keep stitches from falling off them
hibernating your knitting projects
justifying more yarn purchases in spite of an overflowing yarn stash
knit more in less time with these organizational tips
knitting setup: how and why to line up several projects in advance 
match your yarn to its ideal project
mobile knitting - how to make the most of every minute
organize your project progress with a customizable planner 
organizing your craft stash, through supply reduction
organizing your craft paper stash, through sneaky storage applications 
pattern design - some lessons learned
snags - how to keep working yarn out of a purse zipper
swatching - how it saves you time in the end
sweater tip - save time to make time 
time management and knitting
Twitter - how it's helpful to crafty folk
warmest knits (fiber and technique tips)
waterproof wool - the secret ingredient 
winding yarn from the skein
yarn bell alternatives (which will make you want a bell) 
yardage, as impacted by stitch choice 


short rows: the many options
replacing ssk
twist, explained
one-row buttonhole
gauge-specific graph paper
weaving in ends as you knit
tools for pattern conversion
tips from Knitting Pattern Central
Knit Witch video tips (YouTube)
veryPink - helpful technique-specific videos at this link!

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