Monday, February 4, 2013

Handknit design: trial and (a lot of) error

I've spent a lot of time lately knitting the orangey cowl I showed you a while back.

See?  Lots of progress by midweek last week.  I was kind of designing on the fly, wondering how a funnel-shaped cowl would work.  When I got this far, my concern was primarily this:

I was starting to run out of yarn.

The yarn is from Twisted Fiber Art, dyed in graduated colours or Evolutions.  Evolution yarns come with less by way of yardage than the self-striping yarns do, which is something I forgot when I started the cowl.  I guessed what was left here was 10g, but it was 12g.  Yay! Probably still not enough for my idea.

Soon I had another problem, this time relating to the bottom cuff I started shortly after taking a break to assess my remaining yardage.  I had chosen a seed stitch border, and as I finished it up and cast it off loosely, I noticed it was folding up flat to the rest of the cowl.  Not what I had in mind.

So I picked all the stitches again and tried to cast off tightly thinking that might hold the border down.

Still folding. 

Off the needles, rip rip rip, back on the needles, try again with ribbing.

Still folding.  Gah.

The next day Trish came over to knit with me, and as we chatted I ripped back again, and tried setting the bottom cuff up with more rounds of ribbing.  Then I cast most of it off so I could take a proper look and...

Oh man...

Still folding.

Also, when I put it on to show Trish, I realized the top border was too loose for what I wanted, and as for how a funnel shape works?  It doesn't. The only possible word for everything but the yarn itself was Ew.

What's particularly heartbreaking about all that is how pretty the cowl looks when just lying innocently on the arm of a chair.

I mean, honestly.

So pretty.

So frogged.

Hope your current knitting project goes a lot better than this one did!


Trish said...

But it was pretty while it lasted, Mary!

UmmRania said...

how disappointing, but that is how designing goes I guess. The colors my kids would love, we live in Germany and those are the colors of the German flag, which is VERY ugly, but together like this its beautiful.