Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A finished pair of Joyous socks

With all the mayhem in the last few months, I've missed taking glamour shots of several pairs of finished socks.  Today let's look at some Joy, shall we?

The day I took these, the sun was shining low through the fence: perfect sunshine stripes to pair with the Joyous ones.

Super stripe!

and spotlight.

I took these pictures over the long weekend, which began for me with just the best news ever, news I'd been hoping to get for about a year and a half and can't quite believe even now is true.  (it's not that interesting, but hugely big for me and mine.)  And then - minutes later - I went to the computer and read the latest post at Whip Up.  If you read that blog, you'll know what I mean, and if you don't, you probably don't want to, which is why I didn't link it.

Crush crush crush, basically.  I've experienced the death of friends and family so many times in what I still feel is a pretty short life, and I've come to accept that we all have a limited time on earth - we are all leaving these bodies, there's no way around it.  I've also come to accept that the people we lose are still accessible to us in intangible ways, and that is a comfort.  But the Whip Up news?  that has been hard to accept, even from the perspective of a non-participating reader.

And yet... joy has a way of creeping back in, even after the worst - and I'm talking here about my own losses; I expect joy is a long way off for the many people directly affected by that event.  

Life is just beautiful, have you noticed?  All these living things with survival and maintenance of species to worry about, and yet we still have flowers and a million different shades of green and soft waves on the water and beams of sunlight shining on a loved one's hair.

Life is short, but it's good, too.  And that's joyous, don't you think?

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Leslie said...

I absolutely LOVE my joyous socks. I finished mine within hours of the tornado hitting our house. Ironic isn't it?