Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A walk in the park (literally)

Sometimes my direct route from A to B is through this gorgeous, super huge, tree-filled parklike space (which happens to be mostly a cemetery.)

Isn't that a super pretty sky?

I took these on Saturday, and even the fact that I'd just had almost all of a cafe latte without noticing the foam was lumpy from spoiled milk and was therefore feeling extraordinarily ill could not detract from the loveliness of a cool spring day.

People run and walk and ride their bikes and roller blade through here, and recently leashed dogs have also been allowed, but I didn't see any on Saturday.  I did see other animals though, like a raccoon (which a lady was trying to feed from her hand, gah!)  I didn't take a picture of the raccoon but I did take a picture of this other wild guy:

I'm thinking gopher, but maybe it's a possum?  I would look it up but mostly I was just pleased to walk along snapping a ton of pictures as he leapt along, pausing to eat grass.

The cemetery is so big, it has its own underpass so it can take in the entire space across three major northbound roads. It isn't even that far out of the downtown core, so it's really accessible to everybody, and it shows. 

People are very respectful around actual burials, though.

The cemetery has a huge variety of trees.

Also: paths.  It's easy to get lost in there, which is why huge maps are posted at the entrances and colour-coded lines are marked on the roads.

Mostly though, my focus is all those leaves marking a border against the sky.  I thought I was done seeing that really bright springtime green of new leaves on sheer blue for this year, but nope: still a few stragglers in the cemetery.

Hello, only cloud of the day.

This picture reminds me so much of my childhood - perfectly manicured lawns and roads, and young trees planted with the future in mind.

One thing I have never done in the cemetery is stick around and knit.  It's funny that a place of rest is used as a place to move through, by way of promoting health and longevity... though I suppose all those grave markers are motivation, heh.

Anyway: it's not Yorkshire, but it's home!


Trish said...


And I have to say - I knit there all the time! There's a spot very near a large pool with fountains and waterfalls that's my fave contemplative go-to spot for knitting. I almost always end up doing a portion of my large knitting projects there.

Mary Keenan said...

Trish: you knit in the cemetery and you don't invite me??? call me next time you're going, 'kay?