Friday, May 10, 2013

Catching sunshine in a handknit sock

Most of the weather here this week has been glorious - warm and sunny, like July but with spring greens on the trees.  It's the perfect time to knit heavy mohair-blend boot socks.

Well, at least these colours say Spring, ahem.

I was telling Trish I had started my first pair of the six I'm committed to making over the next three and a half months (golly, I really should not have broken down that timeline) and that the contrast was not what I had hoped, and she guessed right away which colour set I had cast on.

You probably can't even tell from that picture that I striped the top of the cuff.

Better now?  (not really, is it.)

Most of this leg got knit over on Trish's porch because did I mention summery weather?  Bliss.  I absolutely love knitting with this yarn - it's a little heavier than DK and sooo nice to touch, and the square needles, where they hit the right size range as they do with all my Stoddarts, are wonderful.  All that, and knitting with friends who are also knitting?  Super bliss.

Anyway: the discussion on the colour combination ended with an expectation that when the pink heel got into the mix, the colour palette would start to make more sense together.

Not quite sure whether we were right about that.  Maybe when the sock gets all the way to its toe. Still: they will be long enough and warm enough to keep my toes happy next winter, and - yay - they are cheerful, which is good because this morning we reverted back to cold and rain.  This sock has caught enough sunshine to get me through it though, don't you think?

After all that sock progress, and spinning and pondering and casting on and so forth, it's the weekend - how did that happen so fast?

I hope yours will be exciting because mine is: among all the other usual weekend Items of Awesomeness (laundry, eating, sleeping) I'll be visiting the Awesome Spring Sale (it's really called that).  That's the twice-annual rummage sale at my neighbourhood church where, every time, I manage to find something... well, Awesome.  So: have a great couple of days and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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Leslie said...

I'm looking forward to a blissful weekend of...nothing! But knitting and weaving and getting all the art hung back up on the walls of my house. Heaven! Have a great weekend yourself.