Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knitting myself into trouble (with a mystery KAL)

The other day I posted innocently at Ravelry about maybe starting up a random-project-along so that I wouldn't be entirely alone in taking on the major undertaking of spinning yarn sufficiently consistent in size to knit my own socks with it

(okay, maybe it will turn out that I am in fact experienced enough to spin yarn for socks that fit and don't bump out for nonexistent bunions and seventh toes, but it's not super likely.)

and somebody just happened to tell me about a mystery shawl knitalong I might like.

Now, if you were here Monday you've seen how much knitting and spinning and knitting I have lined up.  Obviously I don't need another distraction

(which reminds me: tea cosy! I need to make a tea cosy to use at the cottage this summer, now that I'm done most of the sewing.)

and after going through my closet last week I can assure you I definitely don't  need another handknit shawl.

Logically enough, my first instinct was, No!

and then of course I thought Well, let's look.

and - whoa, Tetiana Otruta has designed some seriously gorgeous things.  My thoughts shifted quickly to 'erm, maybe, if I can find yarn in my stash cupboard.'

I looked in there and found a whole lotta nothing. so: No again.

Then that same somebody popped back up and pointed out that I could sign up anyway and then just not knit the shawl if I really didn't have time...

so of course I did that, immediately.

and then I looked deeper into the stash cupboard and found a bunch of Twisted evolution yarns that can't be anything but shawls,

so really I am very lucky to have a friend who is sneaky enough to tell me about things like this even though I think I'm too busy and not enough interested in more shawls to say Yes in the first place, because now I can be distracted while beating back my stash yarns.

Also: the first clue is just 6 lines long.  And features a crochet cast-on! I just knew learning to crochet would pay off.

Okay, I'm off for an exciting day of probably not knitting anything but socks, so as to free up time for Shawl when the next clue, coming Monday.  Have yourself a fabulous day and I'll see you tomorrow!


elleberry said...

I had also just found out about the same mystery shawl KAL and I am participating in this one too - my first real KAL : -)

Thanks for writing your blog. Yours is the one I always read when it comes in my inbox. I learn useful things and I enjoy your writing very much.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh elleberry, how kind! thank you for those nice words to start my day :^)