Monday, May 27, 2013

The happiest knitting

The other night I had a huge block of time for knitting, and I managed to finish the first Sunshine and Bubblegum sock.

I love knitting these socks.  Not just this particular pair, but all the pairs I make with this yarn on these needles (2.75mm original-production squares... not crazy small, perfect for DK weight socks.)  Every stitch is a pleasure, and I've knit the pattern so often I don't have to think about anything but how nice the yarn and needles feel together.  Oh, and what might happen next in the movie I'm watching.  Pure comfort knitting.

The striping I did at the top might not show well, but it was enough to ensure I could finish the sock with enough yarn to spare that I wasn't panicking as I neared the toe. 

And they are so long!  They'll really keep me warm, come winter - this weight of this fiber combo makes the warmest sock I've ever found, but having them come so far up my calf is going to be heaven.

I know, I know, it's hard to take a sock seriously when it's got rabbit-whisker needles in the toe and a lot of yarn hanging off the end.  I'll get to the grafting and running-in eventually, I'm sure.  Well, by the time I have to cast on the next pair, anyway... I only have so many of these needles after all!

Do you have a crafty project you make over and over and never gets tired?


Trish said...

Love the colours together! The blending is subtle and happy (if you can call orange and pink socks subtle!).

Leslie said...

I've been knitting socks over my long weekend. I finished one pair of beautiful cabled socks and then started a pair with the Vesper "Spring Ahead." I have 3 or 4 patterns for super easy socks that I go back to over and over. The one I'm doing with the Spring Ahead has short row garter stitch toe and heel--LOVE it. As I slipped the sock on (knit toe up) last night, I realized that it's an ankle sock. And so fun and gorgeous too that with some serious knitting time today I may just finish the second one...or get far enough along into it to finish tomorrow night after work!

Unknown said...

I knit my socks toe up so that I can use all of the yarn and get the tallest sock without having to count rows on the leg. I have to say they are addictive!

Mary Keenan said...

Toe ups are awesome! I had a design worked out that incorporated all my favourite parts of toe up but couldn't decide how long the foot should be before I started the heel, and after I got sick of frogging and reknitting I gave up and shelved it for a while. Maybe it's time to dust it off again :^)