Friday, May 31, 2013

Peeps! a belated pair of Easter socks

At last, my Easter socks (Easter next year, apparently) get their day in the spotlight:

As does my garden bunny, for what has proved to be the last time: after this photo was taken, it suffered a tragic accident which knocked it onto the pavement.  It was once a peerless bunny, and now it is an earless bunny.

Still, life must go on (along with ears when I can figure out how, sigh.)  I love how the socks' red stripe lines up right under the strap on these shoes, don't you?

But really the socks are much more comfortable with the shoes off.

Even though I do love these shoes.

Bright stripey socks are not something I ever thought I would want to be wearing, before I started to knit them.  My sock drawer used to consist of of socks in black or grey, and some white ones for running shoes, with the late addition of some wool ones in dark green and black or grey and black very thin stripes.  But then I discovered Vesper yarn from Knitterly Things and now I get annoyed if I have to go someplace where stripey socks stand out.  In a bad way, I mean: of course, stripey socks like this stand out everywhere!

I usually match the stripes almost perfectly on my Vesper socks and this pair is no different, but this picture with the stripes a little offset is pretty yummy.  

It would probably drive me crazy to have done this for real down the length of the pair, but for design purposes it's good to know it looks neat.  Offset-stripe curtains, maybe?  Or an offset-stripe pair of armchairs?

Mostly it's just nice to be finished a knit and able to sit and ponder.  Colours that pop are amazing, aren't they... I'm glad I didn't go my whole life without enjoying them on my socks.

Today is Friday (weekend, yay) so I hope you have a chance to sit and ponder, yourself!   and I'll see you on Monday.

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Leslie said...

Love your Spring Ahead socks! They are very nice! I'm almost finished with mine (I'm knitting them toe-up with a short row toe and heel as ankle socks). I think my husband is a little tired of hearing me say "I just love these stipey socks" as I make him look at how pretty the purple is, or the red, or how bright the yellow. But he patiently agrees and gets back to reading. :)