Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A progress report on the univers(al socks)

Pink and blue and peach and grey: who knew they could look so adorable with brown?  This club yarn from Knitterly Things is called Across the Universe, and it is universally yummy in addition to being a perfect match for my favourite jeans, aka the silvery grey ones that clash with everything else I like:

Also, the first one is finally over the heel, which warrants a great big WHEW.

They are taking forever because I am just not loving these double pointed needles from Signature (insert wistful expression.)  I'm still working out exactly what isn't doing it for me because I'm sure other knitters would and do adore them, and I would like to join their happy community if only I could make the necessary adjustments... which, so far, doesn't look likely, because the company's admirably specialized service does not extend entirely into dpn territory.  I'll do a proper review as soon as I confirm what is and is not possible, in case you're holding your breath for that.)

So: while I resume shopping for the fingering-sock dpns of my dreams, let's take a moment to be amused by how a sock looks when you stop for pictures right at the start of the gusset:

Am I the only one who sees the resemblance to a chompy sock monster?  The brown stripe at the turn of the heel looks a lot like an eye to me, and the pale stitches like teeth.  In fact that yarny tail reminds me of one of those awe-inspiring Chinese dragons with the filaments curling out of their nostrils.

Let's have a look at this sock in its natural environment:

Yep, super chompy.

Maybe if I tell myself I am running to safety from the chompy sock monster I will knit faster?

Hope you knit fast today too, although it would be nice if it was from sheer delight and not necessity.  See you tomorrow!


Leslie said...

Have you tried Knitter's Pride Dreamz needles? They are my primary "go-to" sock knitting needles. I like that they are color coded and very smooth wood...and the wood is strong. I used Brittney Birch needles for a while, but kept breaking them. When I go back to them I also realized how grabby they were!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks for the tip Leslie! I assumed Knitter's Pride is the same as KnitPicks, which aren't working for me right now, but I've just ordered some to compare. Plus I think three other kinds because GAH, I am getting so behind on my sock knitting!

Leslie said...

Isn't it funny how something as "simple" as a knitting needle can be so individual. I'm not sure if the Knitter's Pride Dreamz are the same as Knit Picks. I couldn't find them at Knit, though that's what I originally assumed too. I bought mine from webs ( I love my Addi Turbos for almost everything but sock knitting.

Trish said...

Still chuckling to myself about the chompy sock monster... I think chompy is my new word of the day.