Monday, May 20, 2013

A list for when I grow up

Long weekends are good for lots of things but I always use them for tidying up because obviously I don't know how to party.  Or rather, my idea of a good party is one that involves not being messy... which is the opposite of a good party so I guess I was right the first time.  I mean, I didn't even knit yesterday.  What is up with that?

There you go, a token picture of knitting, courtesy of the good people at Twisted Fiber Art's yarn club.  Everything about this flower is heartstopping, from the club colourway (I am so ordering more of that green) to the embroidered button with its built-in thumbrest.  Those folks are geniuses.  Just wait till I show you the actual yarns: drool-o-rama.

Anyhoo, last night while staying up ridiculously late listening to a preview stream of the new Daft Punk album (ha! evidence of partying ability!) after the major clearout of a hugely daunting room, I reflected on a list of what I would like to have happen when I grow up.

Do you do this?  Make grownup dream lists, I mean, not clear out rooms - that's just bleah.  I do it all the time, even though certain people are under the impression that I am already grown up.  Even Pete made some remark about my age recently and underestimated it by two years even though he knows better, and when I reminded him he was a/ horrified and b/ defending his mistake by noting that I don't act my age.  Of course I don't! because I'm not grown up yet.

Mary's wishlist of growny-up achievements (it goes to 11)

1/ house with window seat and functioning fireplace please

2/ with insulation in it, also (because grownups are practical)

3/ and no extra stuff so I never have to clear stuff out again

4/ that's right, just the essentials, which will include lots of crafty things obviously, but only the ones I'm good at or want to become good at and not the ones I will spend years trying to perfect only to discover I don't enjoy the process and/or the result

5/ enough sleep every day so I don't wake up tired

6/ enough time - or the ability to bend time - so I can do all the crafty stuff I want without having to stop to do the next grownup thing

7/ my own copy of the new Daft Punk album (achievable goals are allowed on the list)

8/ an aversion to chocolate

9/ or else really good self-control when it comes to chocolate

10/ and maybe an actual love of exercise rather than just a grudging willingness

11/ plumbing skills so the next time the shower breaks I can fix it myself (because grownups still = practical)

I'm pretty sure there was a lot more up here at the top of the current list but I can't remember it now (did I say 'ridiculously late'?  maybe I should add 'an ability to stay up ridiculously late without getting an exhaustion-related headache' to the list.)

Okay, I'm off now to do something yarny before I go into withdrawal.  It is a statutory holiday here after all - the nice springtime one where you go to open the cottage and find out whether or not mice ate your furniture and/or trees crushed your roof, and then admire the trilliums.

Lookit! our very own trillium! 

So think about it while I'm frantically finishing off the second clue of my mystery shawl before the new clue comes out today.  If you were making a grownup dream list, what would you put on it?

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Unknown said...

On my grown up list is to ride endurance on my horses. I completed my first ride and I'm hooked! Now that's exercise you can really enjoy. Even better, my 9 year old daughter wants to do it, too! HEAVEN! Good luck on your list.