Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Persistence: legwarmer edition

Most Ontarians who go to their cottages over the May 24 weekend stay longer than five hours, but we just never have the whole weekend free and Pete loves that drive as much as I love knitting through it, so: speed cleaning, sandwiched by two three-hour lots of legwarmer progress.

Yay!  I hadn't intended to stick with this project for the whole trip - I'd thrown three other little bags of yarn and needles into my tote when I was packing to go - but I decided there was no better time to force myself far enough into the first legwarmer again so as to stop resenting the fact that I'd had to rip out all that work.

It took all six hours, but I did make it back to the point in the yarn where I'd had to stop before.

These legwarmers are going to take a super long time, aren't they.  I am going to share the pattern as a freebie when I finish them, but you probably won't thank me, they are so time-consuming.

(in fact I'm just hoping I will thank myself when November comes and I have warm legs to show for all the effort.)

Some math:

If I work through 10 rounds a day, I will have finished legwarmers somewhere around the end of August.

If I put in six hours every weekend to and from the cottage, I will have finished legwarmers somewhere around the end of July.

If I ignore the legwarmers in favour of winter socks, I will have a lot of finished winter socks somewhere around the end of when I stop not needing them.

decisions, decisions!

Just kidding - I'll stick with the legwarmers.  The colours are so pretty, and I really want to have them, and the rounds are only getting smaller because I keep decreasing as I go along.

The real question is whether I will wear them with the purl side out because:

I love the way the purl side looks.

Self-striping yarns really are pretty fabulous, aren't they?  Or do you prefer to knit your own stripes?


jezz said...

Such great-looking yarn! The colors and stripes are such fun. So how did the cottage fare?

Darlene said...

Don't you find it hard to knit in the car especially on smallish needles? I prefer to crochet.

Mary Keenan said...

Jezz, the cottage did mostly great! and then a little bit not so great... I've got pictures for later this week ;^)

Mary Keenan said...

Nope Darlene - no problem at all with the knitting - I can knit and walk at the same time even on this size needle, so sitting in a car to do it is luxury ;^)