Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Handspinning a sunset

The spinning effort - with a view to knitting handspun socks - has been progressing a lot faster than expected.  Here is the first lump of the three, freshly finished.

This colour is more of a sunset than a sunshine - sort of a Sailor's Delight.  I am besotted with it.  Also: I have discovered how to amuse myself while spinning, and you might like to do the same while knitting or collapsing generally - the TV Ontario website has a huge library of videos you can watch at will.  For Lump No. 2, I mostly watched At Home with the Georgians.  I don't think that's why I kept breaking the thread though... I think I had accidentally readjusted the tension on my wheel after No. 1.  Probably while distracted by At Home with the Georgians.

Here is the second lump (the first was in ball form by this time):

And here - produced while watching a history of Baroque art - is Lump No. 3, taken off the wheel to sit until it's had sufficient rest to ply nicely, with its little friends.

Okay, this is a bit of an indulgence... I'm picturing them waiting for me on the steps as I come home one evening with time, at last, to spin them together.  I cannot wait!  But I have to, because apparently that's a good idea for the quality of the end product and it would be really fabulous if these socks worked out.

Meanwhile, this seems as good at time as any to share a story about a different kind of sunset...

No Relation

Pete spotted this gravestone and naturally, had to take me to see it.  Once you get past the name thing it's striking on a lot of other levels, don't you think?

Having just been to Pompeii I found the figure a little disturbing.  But I walked around it anyway.  This seems to be the most respectful angle:

Of course, there is that tiny polar bear toy strapped to the right ankle which more or less reduces the symbolism of spirit leaving body (do you think it's being released freely, or are those fingers clutching onto it for as long as possible?)  Still: cute bear!  And I really like the font my non-relative chose for our shared last name.

It's good to see art in the cemetery.  It's such a huge part of our lives as humans, but especially our lives as people who make things.

And on that cheery note: I hope you have a richly enjoyable day with some art and some making in it!  See you tomorrow.

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