Friday, June 14, 2013

Black and white and socks all over

Sometimes it takes the glamour shots of a finished project to give a girl ideas:

And not about polishing one's boots either, though that is certainly called for.  Probably these socks aren't giving you any ideas at all (except maybe a recurring one about me knitting something other than socks some day so that the pictures at Hugs cover a broader landscape for ten minutes.)

Surely they look like what they are - a perfectly nice pair of striped socks in boots.

Yes? No.

Not entirely striped.  This is the second pair of socks I made in Twisted Fiber Arts' Night Circus-inspired colourway Le Cirque. I wasn't going to have enough stripey for the foot so I did it in black.

And you know, what seemed like a compromise at the time now looks pretty darned cool to me.  I love how the foot is a solid colour - well, as solid as one gets in hand-dyed yarn.

I superhugely love the hits of brown in this black shade.  And how long the socks are, and therefore how yummy warm they will be on a cool fall day.

Not to mention comfy!

Okay, I'll stop now.  You just can't take that many glamour shots of a black and white sock.

The idea I'm getting is to stripe some of my Stoddart socks all the way down the leg instead of just up at the cuff, and then maybe do the foot and the toe all in one colour.  After all, I only stripe them and do contrast heels and toes because otherwise I wouldn't have enough yarn to make them long enough in the leg, right?  Striping them all the way down to the heel flap might make up the difference and leave me free for a monochrome foot.

I'm not sure it'll work with the ones I'm knitting now (yes, they're onto the needles in spite of spinning and a million other socks and those hat designs I can't stop thinking about) but as I bank more scraps from the first pairs I might be able to pull it off.   And if I do, those socks will definitely be more colourful than these ones.

For now though I will bid you farewell with best wishes for a very fine weekend indeed, and be on my way - with luck, I'll be able to beat back the clamouring socks long enough to set up at least one of the obsession-producing hats, but even if I don't I still expect to have some fun. 

And maybe cake! because Father's Day is a perfectly good excuse for some.  See you Monday.

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