Saturday, June 29, 2013

Start those wheels turning!

Or spindles, or whatever - the Tour de France starts today and with it, the Tour de Fleece!

The motivation/excuse inspired by the knowledge that a ton of other spinners are making yarn creation a priority right now is my favourite thing about this time of year.

Normally my internal conversations go something like this:

"I'd like to be spinning right now," and then, "but surely you will burn what's in that pan and/or overflow the sink of dishes?", and then "Oh, too true, I will be sensible and proceed with chores la la la."

During Tour de France, it's:

"Outta my way!"

Here's what I spun today:

What I spin tomorrow will be more of the same, emphasis on more.  YAY.

Hope you guys have a great weekend, whether you're spinning or dishwashing or curled up with a good book (and some knitting?)

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