Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catching up with a mystery knit

Over the weekend I got to see the friend who's getting my Leaf Evolution mystery shawl, so for a couple of days ahead I worked really hard to catch up to everybody else on the knitalong.

I hope this picture isn't a spoiler, but I'm pretty sure it's okay because I really was so far behind.

When we met up it was with two other friends, and I brought the bag of shawl out of my purse so we could all hold it for a moment and put some positive energy into it.  This is a probably silly ritual I use, based on the idea that a knitted thing becomes more powerful if a lot of people put their love and energy into it. 

(It may or may not do that, but what it does do is make everybody who holds the knitted thing want one themselves.  And since there was one friend out of the four of us for whom I have never knit a shawl, there's now something else on my to-do list.)

Anyway, the friend who is getting this shawl thought it was beautiful, and I have to agree - the design is just plain lovely, and also quite nice to knit.  I can highly recommend trying this or another of Tetiana Otruta's designs.

The lace does require a lot of attention of course, but that's an asset sometimes.  In good news, I'm at the point where I can listen to an audiobook while I work.

The one I'm listening to is Millions Like Us, a collection of diary entries and reminiscences by English women on their everyday experiences during WWII.  Some of it is pretty horrific, but it's also an amazing testament to what a person can get through with enough grit and determination, and that's not a bad message to be knitting into this shawl.

The best thing about working on this though is that the colour is shifting without my having to do a thing about it, and I'm finally onto the next one.  Here's what's coming up:

I love the green most of all, but it will be a while before I get there so I guess I should just settle in for enjoying orange.

Hope you get to settle in and enjoy some knitting today yourself!

Me too?

Yes Dancing Waters, you too... but it all depends on the mail. Patience, my friend: patience.


Leslie said...

The shawl is beautiful and the color changes are spectacular! I can't wait to see it finished.

I agree with you about the love going into the hand-knitted item. I think that's the main reason we knit for people, isn't it? To show our love for them.

Leslie said...

I just remembered something that happened last year (and the year before) in my family. My 98 year old grandmother was in her last weeks of life, and my Aunt Betty had brought some new fabric and brought it over to show her. Grandma couldn't see the fabric but asked to touch it. She touched every piece. Then she turned to Betty and told her it was beautiful fabric and that she hoped she made quilts out of it for her sisters. Which she did. It was very moving when she gave them to everyone, my mother (her sister-in-law) included. So, there is power that goes into touching and sending energy and positive thoughts into things that we make.

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, Leslie - what amazing quilts those must be! A friend I saw yesterday told me her gramma made 2 quilts for each of her (16) grandchildren and my friend's are still in great shape. Talk about leaving something for the next generation! Makes me feel better about knitting all those socks, except for the size issue, h'mmm ;^)