Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Knitting: sock progress report

I've been knitting.  You?

Here is a sock I did some work on.

Here is one I did a lot more work on.

Sometimes people who don't knit socks will look shocked by the very small size of the needles you use for them, but I'm used to the smallness now so I just kinda shrug.  Then I move up a size to knit boot socks like these and it feels like I'm knitting bulky yarn: h e a v e n.  So: either I am crazy, or valiant because I will struggle through with tiny needles for the sake of an end product that is exceptionally worth it.  Probably both, depending on the perspective of the one making judgement.

Anyway I do like knitting boot socks, which you knew already.


My dream for this week: to finish both of these socks.  It's only Tuesday - I can pull that off no problem, right?

What's your knitting dream for this week?

I can tell you what my dream is...
Yes Dancing Waters, I know... let's just keep watching the mailbox for those new dpns, okay?

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