Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rainbow socks and other cheerful prospects

Over the weekend I tried to give my attention to some tester socks.

The ones that caught it were the Spring Garden socks on the Pony Pearl double pointed needles.  MAN those needles are addictive to knit with.  They just bounce you along from one stitch to the next.

As for the yarn: these are some of the most relentlessly cheery stripes I've worked with, ever.  It's hard not to feel downright chirpy when you look down at so many brights, and in this size (2.25mm) the Pony Pearls are a retro turquoise, so - yum.  These are a good knit.

Another pair of socks I have not knit up, because I can only keep pace with so many yarn clubs, is still in skein form from Twisted Fiber Art:

This one was called Spring, and I love how similar they are to the Spring Garden colourway - quite apart from enjoying how artists are inspired by the same kinds of things and express those ideas individually, it's neat to see how the overall mood shifts without the blue and purple, while still being matchy.  I mean, if I was smart, I'd probably make a cute hat with the Spring and wear it with the Spring Garden socks.

But I think I'd rather have a whole lotta bright socks with green in them, because flashing springy socks in the fall is going to feel very powerful (Mary said, being relentlessly optimistic about finishing two whole pairs of socks by October, even though there was snow on the ground when the Spring yarn arrived and that was a loooong time ago and it's still not even caked.)

Speaking of spring, I had better spring out the door and get on with the day.  Hope you get lots of what you have to do, done, in time to do some of what you want to do, especially if it's crafty.  See you tomorrow!


Trish said...

LOVE those stripes!! And the orange and green... almost enough to make me want to knit socks. Almost...

Mary Keenan said...

Okay Trish, you know I'm now going to knit and then wear these socks around you all the time ;^)

linda gaylord said...

So bright and cheerful! I love knittingknitting with plastic needles,especially dpns.I didn't know that pony made needles that small.where did you find them? Do tell please...I always love your happy socks!(btw,I'm "grannysticks" on Ravelry...)

Mary Keenan said...

Linda, I got the Pony Pearls at WEBS, aka www.yarn.com. They have tons of sizes and I'm thinking of getting more myself. Great needles!

linda gaylord said...

Thanks for sharing the info!can't wait to try them!<3 :)