Friday, June 7, 2013

Finished socks and other knitting excitements

On Tuesday I wrote that I wanted to finish two socks this week, hoping that would make it happen.  Well, probably it wasn't writing it down so much as knitting diligently on the socks wherever and whenever I could scrape up an opportunity to do so, but Yay!

I knit some Universal Sock on the GO train...

(rolling up the cuff really helped to keep the work from swaying and dragging as I knit)

And while waiting for the bus...

And, of course, I knit both socks through every movie I could find on TV when I wasn't supposed to be doing something else (and also, when I was supposed to be doing something else - hello: not much self control here.)


It paid off.  Super yay!  There is just so much more knitting to do than there is time to do it, it feels fabulous to finish something.  Even though the superheavy pink socks, obviously, won't be practical till next November.  (that sock looks about two sizes bigger than the stripey one, doesn't it - yet they both fit me perfectly: mysteries of knitting.)

The Universal Sock is the first I've knit on round double-pointed needles in quite a while.  On the next size up in square needles, the gauge is a tiny bit bigger and the rows are enough taller to be noticeable over 80 of them - consequently, this sock doesn't reach as far up my leg on the other most recent pairs I've knit.  Too late to adjust for this pair but for my next new pair, I think I'll knit longer before I start the heel.

Thankfully my feet are pretty small so there will be enough yarn to do it.

That was just the first of the Universal socks, so I still have to knit the other.  The Sunshine and Bubblegum socks, however, are now ready for running in the ends.

SUPER yay!! You know I'm totally leaving that job till I have six more pairs like them in the finishing basket like last year, but I'm still thrilled.

 Not as thrilled as I was to get this in the mail though:

Yaaaaayyyyyy!  and I know that Dancing Waters was thrilled too.

You bet I am!

There you go: patience pays off, especially since WEBS ships so crazy fast.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - you know I'm going to - and I'll see you on Monday!

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