Thursday, June 20, 2013

Knitting with different brands of needles

Today I want to tell you about my four-day-old exciting secret, mostly because I don't have time to take pictures of the amazing yarn I got at last night's Downtown Knit Collective meeting:

Those Universal Socks are (almost) all done!

and yes, I agree, my definition of 'exciting' is pretty sad. 

I noticed last Friday night that the end of Sock #2 was near, so I just kept picking it up whenever I had a minute or two to knit and by Sunday afternoon, I was ready to graft a toe.  Except that I didn't, because Mary translates to Lazy in Knitterese.

I kid.  Actually it was very important that I not take Sock #2 entirely off its needles because I needed to check how the two socks compared, as the first was knit on a set of Signatures, and the second on Knitter's Pride Karbonz.  Very, very different materials, and even different needle lengths, either of which could have spelled doom.

What do you think?

The stripes seem to me to match up perfectly, and the stitches themselves look about the same.

Whew.  It was a risk to switch needles between socks, especially since I was knitting so much faster on the Karbonz owing to their hurting me so much less.  Well, until the allergic reaction to the tips kicked in (but let's not discuss that, because in the first flush of new love I ordered several more sets of them, something I now sort of regret.)

I am ridiculously happy about being done these socks, and possibly not just because I have another four pairs of socks on needles I am now free to push on with.  These are the first new socks I've knit in a very long time on a real 2.25mm needle, and the stitches are just enough denser in that size to make them really comfortable to wear.

In other news, Omigosh, is it Thursday? 

Assuming you don't have pressing concerns like how much lint settled on the nearest lampshade in the last twenty minutes, that means you're probably wondering how I am doing with my goal for the week.  You know, casting on one of the hats that have been tormenting me.

Well, I am pretty sure there is a lot more progress on baby blankets out there than there is on hats in here.  But hello: it's only Thursday, so I still have all of today and tomorrow to get a move on! and the distractions are minor - some major organizational overhaul in the house, and prepping for another run to the cottage to make up beds and fill the pantry, approximately eight metric tonnes of laundry, and of course spinning, and maybe a nap?  Oh yeah, I am totally getting that hat cast on.

(think good thoughts for me please, is what all that translates to.)

Have a wonderful and productive day, my friends - I'll see you tomorrow to tell you all about that delicious yarn, unless something even more fabulous crops up today.

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