Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colourful Hugs

Today is going to be a mishmash, much like my life this week and next which are total crazypantsness.  June: never a dull moment.

First up: peas.  Not only a nutritious treat, but in fresh-shelled form, also an attractive centrepiece.

Next: chocolate.  Specifically, the best chocolate I've ever tasted.

These bars are pretty small, and pretty expensive, and in this humble chocoholic's opinion a perfect gift for the friend who has everything.  I get mine at the local posh grocer, but they are also available from Amazon for about three times as much, or directly from the Amedei Chocolate website for somewhat less than Amazon wants.  My favourite is the white chocolate with pistachio, but that may just be because the cover art is so pretty.

Furthermore: workspace.  I'm sure you read or at least know about Attic24 but ooooomigosh, Lucy posted pictures of her new studio, and I could weep it is so adorable and, for me in my tiny House of Clutter, unattainable.  I comfort myself with the fact that it has no stuffed animals in it - my workspace has to have them, which reminds me I didn't introduce you to Fitzy yet.  He looks a lot like this:

Except a lot more confused and windswept.  I love him.  (He's from Jellycat, whose entire line I covet; you can find this particular owl here.)

And finally: the mahna mahna song.

How long has it been since you've seen that? (hopefully, not more than a couple of weeks.)

I hope the rest of your day is colourful and cheery, and that mine is too!  See you tomorrow, with knitting.

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