Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nothing to see here

Okay, I lie: here is one thing to see here.

And it's rocks (these ones are from Ottawa, probably around the Parliament buildings, I don't even remember now).  For those of you who don't speak Mary, that's a reference to the Charlie Brown Halloween special in which all the other kids get candy and Charlie Brown gets rocks.

Yesterday a number of things suggested to me that my life is hurtling past its recommended top speed:

I fell into hysterical laughter describing to Trish a circa 1960s cookie recipe I loved as a kid (marshmallow + chocolate = yum) because it suddenly stuck me that, until you slice them, they look like poo.

I bought a blouse while frantically cramming errands into the 90 minutes I had before my next hard stop in the schedule, because I had been too busy washing cottage laundry to come up with a clean shirt to wear downtown.

I had Fudgsicles for supper to save time and dishes, the better to source six hours' sleep.  (okay, I would probably have done that anyway because hello, Fudgsicles in the house? they must be eaten immediately, it's a rule.)

I put Daft Punk's Around the World onto perpetual replay so I could remain upright long enough to prep for today.

(Lookit! another thing to see here.)

(FYI, it didn't work: I just danced and got no prep done at all.  my fitbit pedometer loved me though.)

What I did not do yesterday was knit enough of anything to justify taking out the camera.  Or the day before either.  If I'd worked on the same thing both days maybe, but I didn't, so... I got nuttin'.

If I don't catch up with all my outstanding GAH by the end of Friday I am totally completely utterly doomed, so I'm absolving myself from proper Hugs posts for the rest of the week.  Instead I will take a page from my Italian diary and post random pictures as and when I can grab a second to do that.  In good news (for me), life should return to normal on Sunday afternoon at around 3:34pm.  Yay!

Until then, have yourself some perfectly marvelous times and keep something inspiring in your thoughts.  I pick the rainbow-themed rag rug Trish is crocheting, which is SO GORGEOUS.  That Trish, she is a genius.

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