Thursday, June 6, 2013

Knit inspiration: texture day

Like everybody else in this part of the world, I've noticed a lot of spring greenery bursting forth every time I step out of the house.

The textures (not to mention the colour ranges) that come out of plants is pretty amazing, don't you think?

Texture is something I love in knitting, though most of my choices over the past few years have been purely practical and stocking stitchy, because that's something I can do while I'm doing three other things.

Back in my late teens and 20s, I was all about Aran knitting.  The thrill of getting to the row where you could cross a set of cables!  And I was knitting with way bigger needles than I do now, so those rows seemed to come up a lot faster than, say, the next colour shift in a self-striping sock.

I wonder... I bet a pair of fingering-weight socks doesn't take me any longer today than a size small Aran sweater did back then.  The difference is the amount of time I can/could find to focus on them.

Just now, working on my lace shawl, I'm enjoying the way increases and decreases produce a perfect leaf pattern.  Symmetry: it's so amazing.  And of course... it's making me want to knit another lace hat...

or an Aran hat...

or any hat...

It's been a while, after all.  And hats are such a great vehicle to show off texture.

Do you ever look at a picture and want to knit it?  Because that last picture there of sweet woodruff and wet flagstone - I really want to knit that.

Hey, does that mean I have to wait even longer?

Sadly, no, Dancing Waters - as soon as the mail comes, all thoughts of hats will be thrown to the winds.  I promise.  

And for everybody else - hope you get to work on something today that you really want to knit - (and that I do too!)

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