Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Checking in on the portable knit

I got stuck at home for about a week while I was sick - by which I mean, I wasn't out killing time or riding public transit or anything else that would bring my purse knitting out blinking into the light.  And man, did it ever get wrinkled!

I am really a pretty good way along on these socks, and I should think about casting on a new pair and finishing these ones off at home.

It wouldn't exactly be a hardship, because these colours speak to me of salt water taffy,

and also of the ball of bubble gum that lived at the bottom of the plastic cones that were the vehicle for the orange sherbet I used to buy with my allowance at Milk N' Things.  

(Seriously, who would think of putting a giant blue or green or purple or red ball of bubble gum into the bottom of an orange sherbet container?  Who wants to chew gum as an ice cream chaser, other than 10 year old sugar-starved children - or more to the point, what parent would want that?)

(maybe this marketing flaw is why I've never seen them as an adult.  H'mmm.)

Back to the socks...

...which are evidently made for walking.

I love them, and I'd like to be wearing them, and I guess I should get a move on and make that possible, huh?

And then I can cast on a new pair!  Maybe even with the latest club yarn, which this time is aptly called Endless Summer.

Endless supply of Vesper Sock, more like.  Will I ever get to the end of my stash?

Not if I keep joining the yarn club, I guess.  (and I did, again.  go Vesper!)

You've seen enough sock now for one day I think.  Go have fun and I'll see you same time tomorrow, okay?


Mimi said...

Loving the bright stripes!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Mimi! They're especially nice on a grey day like today :^)