Thursday, October 30, 2014

New yarns, great minds

Today's life tip: checking the mail is always more interesting if you're in a yarn club.  Here's the latest from Twisted Fiber Art:

That's 'Seaglass' - gorgeous greens and blues on my favourite roving, Blue Faced Leicester.  Ahhhhhh.  but wait, there's more! because there are two streams of colourways in Twisted's yarn club, and you always get a sample of the other one so you know what you missed.  In this case, 'gala'.

Which, knit up, looks like this.

Christmas tree ornament, or earbud pouch?  You decide!

A couple of days ago Trish dropped by with the next installment in the Indigo Dragonfly club, which we joined as a team to save on shipping.  Luckily that's going to her house because I won't be in my house much longer.  Criminy, I'm going to have to have my yarn clubs redirected!! but more on this problem another day.  The point is, lookit:

Great minds think alike, I say.  This colourway is called Octobaa, and it's clear that the same thing that applied to me and my writing friends - that  fact that there are clusters of creative ideas floating around above our heads and we will often select the same ones without realizing it - applies to yarn too.

Not quite close enough to knit these yarns together... although, they might be, depending on how much the greens and blues blend when I spin the Sea Glass.

It's been a SUPER busy week here for me, how about you?  I knew when we decided it was time to put a second floor on our tiny bungalow there would be a lot of work to do, but I have to admit, it hasn't been arduous work (since I'm still putting off any packing or sorting.)  It's mostly phone work, and e-mail, and decisions, and remembering six things that all have to happen at once, and thinking about where you want to live while it's happening and how you want to live when it's done. 

Double, if you happen to be putting a new deck onto a cottage, and other opportunities come up such as straightening the concrete posts that support the foundation (turns out there's just one guy in a 90 minute driving range of our cottage who does concrete work, and our contractor knew how to get hold of him.  Whew!)

So: I'm really, really ready to sit back and eat bags full of leftover candy when Halloween wraps up tomorrow night.  I won't though, because I am a mature adult with other more productive things to do.

(of course, I am kidding.  I am totally eating leftover candy tomorrow and I don't care how many legal forms I'm allowed to sign, I don't believe I've somehow become a mature adult.)

Have a good day yourself, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Trish said...

Just one correction, Mary. The yarn is Octobaa and the colourway is "Tryamsosorrious Rex, The Reconciliaraptor". Indigodragonfly does long, fun names.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh, that one is good isn't it Trish. Octobaa is such an appropriate colour name I didn't even notice the other one!

Anonymous said...

acting like a mature adult is overrated. go for the candy!

Mary Keenan said...

Way ahead of ya, Anon! said Mary, with a mouthful of Rockets ;^)