Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New club yarn or, buyer's remorse be gone

Every time I sign up for a yarn club I think WHY?  Why did I do that when I have more yarn than I can ever get through, already?  And then a short time later, the first installment arrives in the mail, wordlessly answering that eternal question.

Sign up for a yarn club: get beautiful yarn you can't wait to knit with.  That's why.

This is the latest from the Vesper club of course - the new colour is 'Walk In The Sun', something I do often in my stripey club socks - and I'm almost afraid to be showing you these pictures because I'm so certain you're sick to death of looking at this sort of yarn by now.  I mean, I know there are many other Vesper obsessives out there (and I'd like to point out that an awful lot of them have far more skeins in their stash than I do, and far fewer socks knit as well) but I don't think many of them are reading Hugs.  Too busy drooling over their own supply I expect.

But back to the name of this stripey.  Over the past couple of weeks I've been arranging to see a friend for coffee just near enough to walk to - which is to say, not over 70 minutes' strolling time, with a little over 70 minutes travel time available.  So I've been putting on a comfy pair of Vespers and my boots, and walking.

I don't know whether all the walking is really going to make a difference to my overall health considering how much time I still spend in a chair working, and it's certainly not as impressive as the miles I see this one particular man putting in every day I do my driving commute to and from downtown, the but it's better than not walking at all. 

What I do know for sure? The Vespers - and handknit socks in general - make it much, much more comfortable to walk that far.  Bonus: walking a long way with handknit socks inside closed shoes or boots makes the wool on the soles felt, the teeniest bit.  Just the right amount to make them soft and smooth underfoot.

Oh, and the other thing I know for sure is that wow,

I really can't wait to knit socks out of this yarn.

Hope you've got something to work on today you're this excited about picking up, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Leslie said...

Isn't it beautiful? When I got mine I thought "I hope Mary rejoined!"

Mary Keenan said...

Hey wait a minute Leslie - aren't you supposed to be Not Buying Yarn too?? ;^) ps yes, it's SO GORGEOUS.