Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Time for some Trick or Treat:

(literally, because this Twisted Fiber Art colourway is called Trick or Treat.  This one's getting given away, unlike Mon Petit Chou apparently.)

The houses around our neighbourhood are duded up with some serious horror movie action, and if it's not the same in your neck of the woods I thought you might enjoy seeing a few.

I have to admit, I love the zombie corpse guy at the edge of the front path. 

In the dark, he's going to look so creepy, only candy will motivate kids to hit this place.  Of course, candy is pretty motivating...

This place has gone for the floaty ghost angle, with a side of giant spider.

I don't think you can top this ghost though...

I had to do a double take before I realized the face isn't just a styrofoam head, but a child-sized styrofoam head.  So eerie.

As for me?  I have my work cut out for me.  I've been so busy with renovation stuff I haven't gotten any farther than thanking Pete for remembering to get pumpkins, though yesterday I did throw some grey mesh spider web, complete with spiders, onto the rotted-out porch railings so kids don't mistakenly assume they will offer support on their way up the door. 

Every year I try to change it up a bit.  This time?  I'm pretty much going for 'derelict house'. 

I have a scary-faced cardboard werewolf for the side of the front door, and I cut out a big heart that says Love You! with hearts where the Os and the bottom of the exclamation point are, to up the shock value.  Will it work, do you think?  and what about this spider who's eaten all but the bones of this poor glow-in-the-dark victim - too much?

Man, I will miss the exterior decorating when we're downtown next Halloween.  But not the mad rush to carve pumpkin lanterns an hour before sunset, which is a definite date for later today.

Hope you guys have a great night and a lovely weekend - see you Monday for a BYOC (bring your own candy) fest!

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